What is Beasley?

Along with Durand, Central, and Corktown, Beasley is one of the four oldest neighbourhoods in Hamilton. The community was named after one of Hamilton’s first settlers, Richard Beasley, a soldier, farmer, entrepreneur, and politician.

Today, Beasley is a vibrant community located in the heart of Hamilton’s downtown core. The geographic boundaries of the community are James St. North and Wellington St. West to East and Main St. to the CN tracks from South to North.


The City of Hamilton’s Neighbourhood Action Strategy identified Beasley as one of 11 priority neighbourhoods in Hamilton. With support from the Neighbourhood Action Strategy, the neighbourhood developed their own association: Beasley Neighbourhood Association, they adopted a Charter and Neighbourhood Plan to address issues with the community and have residents play an integral role in revitalizing the area.

Beasley is one of the most diverse communities in Hamilton. The neighbourhood is a hub for newcomers. Anyone that has walked through the neighbourhood can see the many nationalities and cultures that are represented. Beasley is proud of its multiculturalism and strives to celebrate its diversity at every opportunity.

As a neighbourhood that also has a higher proportion of young children and teens, the Beasley Asset Development Initiative aims to bring neighbours, service providers, businesses, and educators together to build assets for its young people and create the next generation of leaders within the community.